Thursday, February 10, 2011

#14 Booty and Spill.

There are some people on daytime television that I just cannot watch. I won't say their names but one rhymes with Judge Booty and the other is Dr. Spill.

The reason I can't stand Booty and Spill is that they have people on their shows that clearly already have issues. These people need help. But we all have to remember that what sells on TV. Confrontations and 'belittling' sells. Most of the time the contestants ARE out of their minds but the thing that drives me bonkers is when Booty or Spill gets the whole audience applauding by saying "you better shut your mouth" or "I have a PHD and a Masters, so you better sit and listen."

These people are completely out of their element in the first place. They need help. The last thing they need is an audience full of people applauding at them. The audience selectively hears what the show tells you to hear and tries to get us to loose any compassion we have for people and hate them. Ganging up on people just isn't cool in the first place. It befuddles me that people like to see it happened to others.

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Connor said...

Dr. Spill creeps me out and I don't get the point of why people would care about other peoples' problems in the first place.