Monday, January 31, 2011

#13 Cheapest wings in town!

There is a situation we have all been in while in a group situation. You are with friends and decide to go eat. Everybody decides on a fast-food restaurant and there is always one guy that goes "let's go to ______! Their wings are 12 cents instead of 18." Then they have a look like they have enlightened the world. They look at you like you would be an idiot to buy pizza from ______ or burgers from ______.

Well I have an opinion on that.

1. You get what you pay for. Sometimes you don't want to eat dusty cardboard wings. When I dated my wife, we certainly didn't go for steak every night, but when it came to eating out, our first concern was eating good.

2. Proximity. When choosing a place to eat, I generally narrow it down to places that are nearby. Why? Because it saves money in the commute. What is the point of wasting $10-$20 of gas to get the cheapest wings in the state/province when you can save the money to get wings that are actually good at home. On the other side, if the wings stink at home, could be fun to spend the extra cash once in a while to eat good wings.

3. They are wings! A few extra cents to a dollar or 2 is often worth it. I applaud being frugal. I really do. But we aren't searching for a home or a car.

In the end, I bought a box of 20 frozen steaks for $15 once. No joke. Biggest mistake of my life. Was not worth a penny. Guys, girls don't care if you are bragging to them that these are the cheapest wings in the state. What do you think that really says to them? I have never really had tons of extra bucks to spare, when I spend money, I like to get a few good things instead of a thousand crappy things.

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