Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#3 The missing movie genre.

Movies are bizarre things. We pay to be entertained and to sometimes experience an abundance of unique emotions. Based on how we feel/want to feel, it is pretty simple to decide what type movie you want to see based on the category they are in…

For example…

- Want laughter = go to a comedy.
- Want to be scared = go to a horror/suspense.
- Want a deep story = go to a drama.
- Want explosions = go to an action/thriller.
….and so on.

However, there is an unseen beast of a category which is not even a category at all. This can be found within ALL other genres. It is an unseen genre that brightens the day for some, but ruins the week for others. It is very sneaky. It is the type of movie that, (based on what it does to me), is meant to kick our mellow in the crotch and make us just want to go home and take a cold shower. What am I talking about? It is the sad/depressing movie. They are everywhere and mixed inside of other movies.

Before I continue, let me explain why I go to movies. I want to be entertained. Do I mind thinking a little? No, I would rather have something a bit complex, as long as it is interesting. In short, I want to leave the theatre excited about what I just watched. I want to be happy. Why would I want to pay to go to a movie, only to be depressed after? I understand that some people live for these movies but I HATE THEM! If I am going to watch a comedy I don't like when they slip in a child with some type of disease, only to see them die at the end. I don't care HOW  much people loved them. It makes me feel gross. The thing that I find so confusing is while the credits are rolling, I look around and there are 2 types of people. 

1. People that look pale because of what they jut watched.
2. People who seem to be happy, because of how sad they are. And those movies end up being their favourite movies of all time. 

These movies truly bother me. They are very sneaky also. I don't mind when there is a problem that is resolved, but I really do not like when I feel sad at the end. It trashes the happy vibe that I would rather have. I do not think that I am insensitive for saying this because clearly these movies have an affect me. All I am saying is, before I go to those movies where I am about to cry, warn me! Things should be rated as follows…

- Thriller/depressing or Thriller/not depressing
- Comedy/depressing or Comedy/not depressing

I love movies. I love music. I love books. Do I like sad movies, music, and books. Not even a little bit. They get rid of my mellow. They muddle up my emotions and I find that confusing that people would want to do that. Just a little warning. That is all some of us want.


-Annie V- said...

never let me go -drama/depressing/messed up

my sisters keeper - drama/depressing/i want to die inside

i'm with you on this one

Daniel Wright said...

Ya. They are annoying.

Connor said...

number one example of a depressing comedy is Marley and Me. it is really funny until the last fifteen minutes. After that, you just feel so depressed because you start thinking about pets that you had to put down.