Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#11 To be continued...

I watched Prison Break for 3 and a half seasons following loose end after loose end. I lost interest.

Every single episode I sat and thought, "oh boy, it is gonna happen! Finally the resolution!" Then the same thing would happen every time. By halfway through the 40 minute episode you begin to think this will be the climactic point in the series. Then when there is 10 minute left you look at the clock and want to throw your remote at the wall because you KNOW that they are about to make you wait for next week.

I just mention Prison Break because it dragged on so long that me and practically every other follower I know of gave up mid 2nd or 3rd season. This happens in countless movies and television shows. Loose ends and 'to be continued's' bother me to no end.

They confuse me and I rarely am interested after the wait.


Cindy W said...

you need to try a series like little house on the prairie. where each episode has a story, and resolved fully by the end. no countdown, no wondering...just full closure.

Connor said...

The only reason they do this is so that you tune in next week so that you can see the ending. It's the most annoying when you know that you can't see next week's show.