Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#5 Taken from society.

Ill make this one short.

Elementary school is for young people first learning how to learn. High school is for people a little older to get ready to go into the work world, or on to post secondary. However, kids around 11-14 years old are in a strange stage.

During this stage...
Girls are taller, meaner, and going through an identity crisis.
Boys are shorter, squeekier, and more awkward than any other time.
What can we do with them? Thats what junior high is for. We all go through junior high. Hardly any of us actually end up resembling anything we were during our time there. Simply put, we were all sent to junior high to take us away from society during this most confusing time of our life. I agree with the necessity of junior high. Is it for learning? I doubt it. 

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-Annie V- said...

daniel, i think if you were to work at the campground for a season you would walk away with at least 150 new bystanding befuddlements.

my latest befuddlement happened last night watching paula abdul on her new show "live to dance"... i was shaking my head and laughing all night