Monday, February 14, 2011

#18 Earphones giving out.

Ok… so it isn't befuddling especially, but it is annoying every time it happens.

One earphone gives out and you need to twist the end of it until it works. Then it eventually comes to a point where you need to be always fiddling with it for it to work. Anyway, isn't it annoying when that happens?


Connor said...

I know the feeling. One of my friends prefers to wear his earbuds in only one ear, and the wear and tear on them breaks them. He's gone through about five this year.

Want to get involved? said...

Haha… ya I go through lots too.

Shure 535 said...

That also happened to my old earphones. I find it very annoying. That is why I decided to get a new one. I buy a Shure earphone and it is so amazing. I can recommend it to anyone.