Tuesday, March 29, 2011

34# - Rebecca Black

(Watch the video first before reading.)

This is the worst thing I have seen all month! I feel so bad for this young person. She is setting records for most disliked video of all time! The like:dislike ratio is 1:10. That unheard of!!

First thing, I know this is sounding harsh but it will be a tough career when her nose is exploded out of your head from singing the way she is. This is sounding bad but there needs to be some reality here. You can bash Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber for their music, but at least there is a semblance of something that is listenable to somebody who isn't completely off their rocker!

Did she write this? If somebody is going to promote this poor girl and help her our, start by writing something that isn't fully retarded. It sounds like she is narrating new things that she is learning as they pop into her head.

Yesterday is thursday.
Today is friday.
We we we so excited.
Tomorrow is Saturday.

NO!! Stop! BAD!

I am not helping the cause because I have helped promote it by watching the video a few times. Is she just saying what is going on in her day.

There are so many negative comments in the video that it is impossible to keep up with them because there are millions of people viewing the video each day.

I feel bad for her parents who have exposed this poor girls singing to the world. It is important to love and cheer for your child but it is so important to protect them also.


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