Thursday, March 10, 2011

28# - Never learned to run.

Ok, so this might not seem like much. But it is a biggie.

Due to the nature of this blog I have become much more aware of the people around me. Out of the time I spend away, I am usually observing people at a University. I have noticed something that disturbs my poor little heart. Here is the summary or my data. I see…

1. Stiff "calf-raise" running. Their ankles are doing way too much work and there is unnecessary "up/down" movement.

2. Ultra "feminine shimmy" running. Too much rotating of hips. Sometimes with hands up, palms forward, and fingers crunched in.

3. The long strider.

Don't these parents teach their children to run? Don't these children have recess in elementary school and learn to run there? Who doesn't know how to do a simple run?

Not learning to throw a ball is also befuddling but not as much as the simple art of… "moving quicker."

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