Wednesday, March 9, 2011

24# - "Modern" baby names.

In my generation, my peers were full of Greg's, Jim's, Brian's, Thomas's and *ahem* Daniels. They were… you know… names.

But now-a-days we are hearing baby names that fall into strange categories.

1. The "what-we-stand-for" name.
People with this type of name have names based on a certain religious standards or ethical principal that really strike them hard. Now, there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Those can be powerful and defining standards in ones life. But something to think about before naming somebody Integrity, Faith, or Hope. I even heard of a guy named Freedom! What is next? Democracy, Honesty, or, Nice? What about if it goes the opposite way and turns into names like Insanity or Perverted? In the end, instead stamping the "what-we-stand-for" name on your child forever, just decide to legally change your own name if you like it so much. Better yet… get a plaque made!

2. The "thats-a-unique-sounding" name.
Under this category are names of children who had parents that absolutely can't stand that there could ever be another person with their child's names. Instead of the names that are used by 98% of the world, they make up names like Jimx, Tybon, Lisrock, and Beauti. I could go on for hours. But, there is a reason these names aren't used yet, at least by sane people, they AREN'T NAMES! They are just a illogical mash of letters. Before you name your child, think, have I heard this name? If not, why haven't I heard it.

3. The "clever" name.
This is the type of name that is used because of the family last name they have. Because of the last name, certain first names should be off limits. Like being named Crystal Ball, Rick Shaw, or, Randy Guy. Funny for a minute? Yes. Funny forever? No.

I believe it will get worse before it gets better. What about George Costanza's "Seven"? Or just the letter "P"? Or lets throw numbers in there! How about Kevin but spelt K7? Coooool…

People are free to do what they will. We live in modern times. But what was wrong with the good old days where names were names and things were things? They will be missed.


-Annie V- said...

haha, i like this post. couldn't agree more.

it's actually not legal to put numbers in a child's name. at least not on your alberta birth certificate. no numbers or other symbols.

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