Tuesday, April 12, 2011

35# - Clench and bop him one.

This video has gone viral. I am happy for the one who fought bad but also very sad for the bully who will have a hard time shaking that image.

Many 'day-care' people would say, "you should just walk away and tell an adult." Yes, that may work the first time, but if it happens again, something else needs to happen. Be it, telling more adults, or clenching your fist as tight as you can and bopping one. There are people out there that are attacking the bullied boy, Casey, for fighting back. I think that is stupid.

Let me tell you something about being a boy in elementary school. It is different than in high school. In high school, if there is a bully, it is probably because there is something truly disturbed and "mean-spirited" about the individual. You can usually just walk away and things will cool off. But elementary school kids are different. Bully's like this scrawny kid, usually are just trying to be cool. So, they look at 3 potential people to bully and will go after the one who is least likely to do anything back. The passive boys are drawn towards like sharks to blood. Why? Because young bully's are wimpy and don't want to be hurt themselves. Yes, he was going WAY over the line, but it was "a show." I believe that in cases like this, you SHOULD go to the adults to get something fixed. But if that doesn't work? 

Bop in good and bop him hard. There is a good chance you will get a little beat up at that time. But NEXT time, when that same elementary school bully is looking at 3 people to bully, he will not go towards the person that will punch back.

I do not condone fighting, but i will be darned if my boy is going to be continually be bullied without standing up for himself.

p.s - on a side note, I do not think bully videos, like this one, should be glorified. That causes a whole new problem.

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