Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#41 - You are missing out.

One of the things that befuddles is when people think that life ends when you get married.

We have all heard it, some have said it...

1. "I would never get married so young. I want to travel."

2. "I would never get married before 30. I love being a bachelor."

3. "I can't get married now. I need to focus on my schooling."

4. "Marraige makes things too complicated and stressful."

Ok... to person #1. Why would anyone want to go on a trip alone?! When you are married, you ALWAYS have a travel partner. You could argue that there is MORE opportunity for travel. I would have never gone to London or other places alone. It is great to have a travel person.

To person #2. Stop fooling yourself. You might like it when you are hanging out with the boys, but do you REALLY like it?

To person #3. You can't go to school when you are married? Weak sauce excuse!

To person #4. It really does solve a lot of the problems and concerns of single life.

To close up, I don't think there is anything wrong with enjoying your youth. But I think it is unbelievable that people look at getting marriage in the light they do. Since being married I have traveled, gone to school, AND have had awesome summers! Holy smokes!

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