Wednesday, May 11, 2011

#37 and #38- Good ol' days and our youth.

Violent crimes, homicides, and property crimes have steadily decreased in North America since 1993. However, at the same time the media has increased its coverage of these crimes nearly 10-fold. It is only natural for one to think things are getting worse and worse and wish for "the good-old days," but in many ways, those days don't exist. There are so many things which are now better than ever but we are filled with fear because of the media.

It would be silly to be ignorant enough to say that nothing bad is happening in the world. The world is in a constant scary state. But to people even know where the world has been in the last 1000 years?! Our young people today do too much texting, facebook, and video games. "I wish people were like they were in the good-ol' days." However, what were the "good-ol' days like."

How about the trail of tears in 1838? That was some good old days for the Native Americans.

How about how good things were for African Americans people? "2 4 6 8 we don't want to integrate."

Nothing bad happened in the 1940's to 1950's right?

How about the renaissance?

People used to be decent back in the past, right? Not really. There are always nutcases that are doing unspeakable things in the world right now. The media will always let us know this. But as a whole, in North America, crimes ARE decreasing. I believe that it is a wonderful time to be alive.

Sure our children are becoming snobby and detatched. But that could be because things are so good for them right now that they need SOMETHING to push against. I think it is not appropriate behaviour that people are so upset with "children these days." It is silly to think that this generation of youth is worse than they ever have been. Maybe parents are the worst generation of parents that have ever been. They are born into the world we place for them.

Wow, this has been a 2 part befuddlement.

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