Thursday, December 30, 2010

#1 Holy Moly Jolie!

You go to the supermarket to get some yummy cereal and you find yourself stuck waiting in line for the cashier behind the lady with a purse full of nickels. What do you do? We glance over and see whats new Angelina Jolie. Or maybe with Brad, Lindsay, Tiger, those people from the Hills or Jersey shore.

I am proud to honestly say this, I have never really gone beyond what is on the front cover of those magazines but it sounds juicy! Unfortunately, I couldn't really care less in the end. However, this is sort of a big deal for many people. Celebrity problems are everything! They bring some women together and friendships can seem to be formed. I looked online and read an article which said that women who were better at gossiping have a better chance or living longer and healthier.

While I remain somewhere between neutral and uninterested, I observe that celebrities having complications is one of the most stimulating subjects for certain people. But do you know what is more stimulating? To watch the people who are watching the celebrities who are having complications. Try it out. I did. It is like watching people with problems watch people with problems. Is that not nice to say? Maybe they have caught an illness and are looking to this as a form of prolonging life.

Holy Moly Jolie!! You are curing people!

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